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The Brock | Puppy Love

Aside from putting smiles on our faces, it turns out pets have the ability to make us healthier. We put together a list of how our pets, particularly dogs, can make us happy, healthy, fit, smiley people—and it’s backed by science, of course!

  1. You’ll exercise more – Even a 30 minute walk can increase your health greatly! Sometimes it’s hard to get the motivation to get up and moving, especially with homework or the draw of streaming your favorite show.  Having a dog can supply you with the push you need to get up and moving!
  2. You’ll feel less stressed – studies have shown that dogs can decrease stress levels!  Owning a pet can be stressful in itself, but science shows that the stress reduced by petting, playing with, and just seeing a dog every day far outweighs the stress caused by owning a dog!
  3. Improve your social life – owning a dog and taking it for a walk can get people to stop and talk to you and can get you out on the town with your pet and friends!  There are even restaurants that have outdoor sections that are pet friendly!
  4. Your heart will be healthier – studies show that petting a dog lowers a person’s heart rate; therefore dog owners have far healthier hearts than non-owners.
  5. The Brock is getting a brand new dog park with obstacles and fun for your dog!  Take your dog off of its leash and enjoy some fresh air with the other dogs who live here at The Brock!